Start trading in the Forex market Right Now!

You don’t need any special knowledge. All trading is fully automatic and does not require any control or manual intervention.

Unique EAs System-05 PRO

Unique_EAs_System-05_PRO – Fully automated Forex Expert Advisor (Robot) for MetaTrader MT4 / MT5.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a working day now or a weekend, you can install and configure everything on your account today!
Further Unique_EAs_System-05_PRO will work fully automatically 24/5, doing all the work of analyzing the market situation and opening deals and their support according to a specific trading system.

I repeat, You don’t need any special knowledge. All trading is fully automatic and does not require any control or manual intervention.

5 000.00 $100 000.00 $

Unique_EAs_System-05_PRO is a comprehensive system developed for real trading. This means that the EA does not need special conditions, brokers, time, resources, servers, etc. The system works with any broker and under any trading conditions:

  • not sensitive to slippage;
  • not sensitive to spread expansion;
  • easily manages intraday fluctuations;
  • easily sustains small gaps.


  • No martingale;
  • No grid;
  • No averaging;
  • No scalping;
  • You can work with a small leverage (from 1:10);
  • No complicated settings;
  • Does not require optimization.


The system includes 160 different systems/strategies (EAs) for 4 currency pairs divided into two groups:

  • 80 strategies on breakout;
  • 80 strategies on bounce.

The system uses four-factor verification to open positions: it includes at least three different indicators + mathematical calculations.

The system uses a common function of money management (ratio of risk and profit) which automatically determines the lot size depending on your funds. Plus, all 160 systems have a built-in function for monitoring their orders. This function monitors orders of its own system and make a decision upon the lot size of the next order depending on a number of unprofitable orders.

All 160 strategies use:

  • their own entry conditions;
  • individual StopLoss: 50-90 pips (4 digits);
  • Profit: ∞ (unlimited). Can be limited by take profit value if needed;
  • individual management of its own orders;
  • individual money management (additional to the one used for common trading).

Most Important Inputs

  • MoneyManagement = true – common money management function is enabled. Disabled if set to false;
  • MaximumRisk_per_One_Order = 1.6 – maximum risk per one order in %.
  • LosOrd = 4 – number of unprofitable orders tracked by each subsystem in history. Disabled if set to 0;
  • Money management;
  • MaxLots = 50 – maximum lot size;
  • Lot = 0.01 – lot size if MoneyManagement = false;
  • Additional_Decimals = true – broker uses 5-digit quotes. 4-digit quotes if set to false;
  • UseTrailing = true – use trailing stop. Disabled if set to false;
  • TrailingStep = 1 – trailing step in points.