PriceTracker EA: Available the new version.

PriceTracker EA (version: 8.3 – December-26 ‘2023):

What’s new:

1. Now PriceTracker can be used in 3 different trading styles, —> essentially these are 3 different EA’s in one:
—– 1. PriceTracker-Classic
—– 2. PriceTracker-Smart-Martingale
—– 3. PriceTracker-Aggressive

–> any of the styles allows (even recommended) use simultaneously with 15 different currency pairs on one account. For each strategy, separate sets are provided for all 15 currency pairs. A complete package of all sets is delivered immediately after purchase to each PriceTracker buyer.
–> any of the styles can be used without problems with any broker, even using FIFO and/or ESMA rules, as well as with any American brokers and prop firms;

2. Improved calculation algorithm for opening positions:
– the direction of movement of each currency pair used in trading is taken into account.
– volatility and strength of movement are taken into account, and calculations are carried out over different time intervals, using comparative analysis.

3. We changed the working TimeFrame from H1 to M15, which allowed us to achieve more accurate calculations and the most accurate market entry points. At the same time, the daily analysis was retained, as well as the calculation of the volatility of each currency pair separately for each type of transaction, to eliminate false signals as much as possible.

Download sets for testing (EURUSD, GBPUSD, CHFJPY):