PriceTracker EA: Available the new version.

PriceTracker EA (version: 8.5 – January-11 ‘2024):

What’s new:

1. A minor vulnerability found in the Smart-Martin and Aggressive styles has been fixed.
2. Improved algorithm for each trading strategy used.
3. Tried and tested on different brokers, in different market conditions, with the use of force majeure and obviously difficult situations.
4. The process of selecting/changing risk when trading has been simplified. Now, to change the risk of trading, it is enough to change the parameter (Risk_value), and all the necessary parameters will be automatically adjusted to the selected risk. The lower the value (Risk_value), the less risky (conservative) trading. By default, Risk_value = 1.0. For example, for conservative trading, set the Risk_value = 0.2 parameter.
5. For even greater diversification and maximum stable trading, we replace the following currency pairs:
………. 11_GBPCHF —> GBPAUD
………. 13_USDCHF —> NZDUSD
………. 15_EURCHF —> NZDJPY
To change the currency pair (using the example of GBPCHF —> GBPAUD):
………. delete the chart with the old currency GBPCHF,
……….open a new chart with GBPAUD,
………. attach to the GBPAUD chart PriceTracker EA, with a set for the GBPAUD currency pair.
That’s it, there is no need to do anything else! Further, even if you have open positions with old currency pairs, PriceTracker will continue to monitor them.

For the updated PriceTracker v.8.5, sets are now available for 3 currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD and CHFJPY. All 15 sets ( will be ready in the next 2 days and will be automatically sent to all customers.

Attention buyers! Contact me and provide your email so I can add it to the PriceTracker customer database. This way you will receive all updates instantly the minute they are released (even if the set was updated for one currency pair).