PriceTracker-Classic: 1000% per year!


On January 8 we are launching our unique project: PriceTracker-Classic 1000% per year! All results can be tracked in real time.

PriceTracker is a unique system that allows you to achieve huge goals with moderate risks. Last time we achieved this goal in 5 months, but at the same time with a very high floating drawdown and a huge load on the deposit. Now we have in our arsenal a completely modernized PriceTracker, which takes into account all the accumulated past experience, where the emphasis is now on the most secure trading, with a low drawdown, but at the same time maintaining all the performance of high profitability.

You don’t need a lot of capital to start! We will use a small deposit = $550, strategy – Classic, using risk = 1.0. The account will trade 15 currency pairs at the same time on one account.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary for the advisor to trade with an average profit of +22% per month.

The summary (planned) table looks like this (will be constantly updated):

Anyone can join our project, for this you need:

EVERYONE who has interest and desire – Join us!