LASSO EA: update released: ver.2.5 Feb-16 ’2023

Important information for clients!

Attention! Available new version for the LASSO EA (version: 2.5 – February-16 ‘2023). Upgrade your EA to the latest version!

– LASSO EA for MetaTrader4 (MT4)
– LASSO EA for MetaTrader5 (MT5)

What’s new:

1. A 3-level protection has been introduced against possible duplication of transactions in a highly volatile market, as well as from unscrupulous brokers who could manipulate this. These are cases when, upon request to open one transaction, the broker, citing server delays due to a highly volatile market, could open several transactions at once. Now LASSO EA has implemented a 3-level check, which completely eliminates any possibility for brokers to manipulate in this direction.

2. Fixed a bug in the parameter (Distance_between_positions), which was displayed in the setting less than 2 times from the actually used value.

3. Now another strategy is ready for LASSO EA, in which the lot size remains fixed. A PACK of sets of 6 currency pairs is ready (6 more will be added in the next 1-2 days) for trading with a fixed lot:
You can download the full package of available for today .sets (with different levels of risk for each pair) here:

4. Adjusted minimum-recommended balance values when using LASSO EA with different levels of risk.