GAIN: +6.98% _ PT-Classic: 1000% per year

1 Month of Trading – Detailed Report:

We are currently behind our planned goals, but this is absolutely not a problem and here’s why:

  • January is the first month of the year and the market is low in volatility during this period.
  • We started full-fledged trading in the middle of the month with a trading package of 10 currency pairs.
  • Since January 17, we started using 15 currency pairs.
  • Since January 22, we already have 18 currency pairs in trading.
  • On January 30, our trading package includes 22 currency pairs.

That is, the PriceTracker EA (Classic) system essentially did not have time to show all its capabilities in January. And taking into account that we will have 28 working pairs in our trading portfolio, the planned goals can be achieved in February-March. By the way, the dynamics of growth and how the system begins to adapt when using all working pairs is clearly visible already within 2 days of February. That is, in 2 days we have an increase that is a third of the entire January.

PriceTracker EA (Classic): 1000% per year! (used since January-15 `2024)
To achieve this goal, it is necessary for the advisor to trade with an average profit of +22% per month.

Interim results: 1 month of use.

  • – Jan’ 2024 ……….+5.29%
  • – Feb’ 2024 ………+1.61%

Total: +6.98%

LIVE Signal:

The question I receive most often is about the constant floating drawdown.

To date, PriceTracker trades 22 currency pairs at the same on the one account and all trading is independent, that is each currency pair is not related to any other and monitors the movement and all trading only in its own currency. PriceTracker is almost always in the active phase for different instruments and therefore a floating drawdown is always present and this is normal! That is, if deals are closed for some pairs, then there are always currencies for which there are open deals – and this is displayed as a floating drawdown. The PriceTracker algorithm is built in such a way that account diversification is achieved through the use of different logics and different strategies for all 22 currency pairs, where the equilibrium / diversification phase is also taken into account – this is when a floating drawdown is fully compensated by growth from other currencies and vice versa. That is, at the time of the drawdown, the account is constantly growing:

Equity and Drawdown monitoring for PriceTracker EA (Classic):

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