Detailed Report: 15 pairs | 7 Years | PT-Classic

Here is a detailed report of PriceTracker EA trading, Classic strategy, using all 15 currency pairs simultaneously on one account.

  • Initial Balance: $760
  • Period: 7 Years
  • Symbols: 15 currency pairs
  • Risk_value: 1.0
  • Strategy: PriceTracker-Classic

The system was specially developed in such a way that maximum diversification was used when trading. Using 15 currency pairs at the same time reduces the floating drawdown, as well as the load on the account during sharp and strong fluctuations in the market for any pairs. As practice has shown, now market entries for any of the currency pairs used are as accurate as possible, and even if an erroneous entry occurs, no averaging occurs and the system easily copes with such transactions due to compensation from the growth of profits on other working instruments in trading. That is, here we have a principle that works: the more currency pairs we use in trading, the more smooth and stable our trading is, with maximum diversification. Therefore, in the coming days we will expand our working tools to 20 currency pairs simultaneously trading on the account.

This month we started new project (PriceTracker-Classic 1000% per Year) with open trading, which uses exactly the same parameters and the same initial balance. PriceTracker EA – Classic strategy (Risk_value=1.0) is a highly profitable trading project, but at the same time with low risks (floating drawdown). All trading results can be monitored in real time here:

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