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Fully Automated Forex Trading: Expert Advisors (EAs) - Robots - Systems

DON’T need

spend long hours researching the market

DON’T need

to learn to read complicated charts

DON’T need

to spend long hours at your computer

DON’T need

any Forex trading experience

DON’T need

expensive Forex training


demand special skills - It is possible to begin Right now!


What can you be 100% Sure of:

Only HONEST EAs!  Only HONEST trade!  Only HONEST results!

Our Forex EA’s are specifically developed for live trading, taking into account all real market conditions and factors.

Any of our Forex EA’s will work great on any live account with ANY broker and ANY account type, includes brokers which used FIFO and ESMA rules, including US brokers, and prop accounts!

Due to the competent diversification of risks, our forex systems allow us to achieve high results using the low initial balance and moderate drawdowns. Participate in projects: 1000% per year.

We have detailed statistics of real trade of each system, including each addition to various currency pairs.

We show HONEST results from constant live accounts, – we don’t change constantly accounts for receiving beautiful history! Only HONEST working drawdown!

We constantly monitoring and control all live results of trade of our systems in real-time and identify less profitable strategy for further optimization.

We unite in one system multidirectional strategy (breakthrough and rebound) for risk diversification!

We use a competent portfolio of currency pairs in case of trade of our systems that excludes pressure upon system in general in case of the sharp change in price of one currency.

In our Forex Robots (EAs) used the author’s Intellectual Money Management function. Fully controlled drawdown!

We provide full after-sales support:
 — Constant updates;
 — The improvement and modification of forex systems;
 — Free additions to the different currency pairs;
 — The full and timely technical support on any question.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you did not find the answer to your question, just contact me

Yes it is possible. You can purchase any product you are interested in directly on this site. After payment, you will receive an unlimited version of the Forex EA, which you can use on an unlimited number of your accounts (the advisor is tied to your trading name) and on an unlimited number of computers.

Any of our Forex EA's fully automatic.

I will frankly tell you, I do not watch not what analysts any more long ago - as there is an opinion, if the trader is not able to trade, he becomes an analyst. Also I do not watch a news feed and I in any way react to important news at all and also to other situations in the world. I never turn off EA's, because I know that with any movement, any currency, with any strength and duration of these movements, ---> all trading on the account will be diversified as much as possible.

We just need understand, that it is impossible to foresee everything, to trace all events, news, rates, bonds, etc. The our task to have in an arsenal a system that does not care where the one or other currency pair is moving, --- flat, or a trend now, --- will fall USD, --- or Britain will announce Brexit, --- or Covid19 /20/30 ---, or other force majeure situation today and in the future. It is necessary just to be able to diversify risks.

And I try to implement this concept in the systems and I will do everything possible that this concept works without failures.

You can not worry! The system uses professional trading methods and the principle of trading is not built on profit taking over short distances from opening a position. Therefore, such a value as the spread does not affect the trade at all, and when choosing a broker you can not even pay attention to it. The system will work equally well with any spread.

I  will even tell you more - even if your broker expands the spread several times (and this happens often, especially before important news) - this also does not affect the trading system. As positions open, all values, such as

  • ... spread,
  • ... broker commission,
  • ... swap

they are immediately recorded by the EA and taken into account when accompanying each trades and when calculating and taking profits.

As for the “heavy” - the EA in this regard is not picky, he does not require any specific conditions, works equally well on any type of account of any broker. Also does not need fast VPS and ultra-fast performance or any other specific conditions for trading. The EA also does not depend on the:

  • spread, 
  • requotes (spread expansion) 
  • quick execution
  • gaps
  • slippages
  • broker commissions
  • swaps

The question of the cost of an EA is a philosophical question, but few people think about it, but in vain. Here, greater emphasis should be placed on security rather than cost. Everyone is trying to buy cheaper, they want to save, but on what? Want to save on product, that will manage your funds? But this is not the product that is appropriate to compare by cost.

You can buy an EA for $100 and use it in real trading on an account with a balance of $5000, and over time the EA kills the account balance ---> losses and, accordingly, the cost of the EA in this case was $5100.
And you can buy an EA for $2000 to use on the same account with a balance of $5000 and in quiet mode and safely earn 5% per month without the risk of loss of balance. There is no longer difficult to calculate and compare everything - simple mathematics.

When choosing a product to   which you will entrust your funds, and which will earn to you without your participation,  it is necessary to belong in a complexly and take into account many factors - from the results of the real trading history to support in difficult issues, and not just look at the price and the beautiful curve in strategy tester.

In fact, this is indeed a very complex mechanism, but I will try to explain: A regular grid simply adds orders if the price moves oppositely from open positions and depends only on the grid step. Our HEDGING systems take into account many factors of interaction between two correlated pairs, and not just from one pair in a opened ligament.

+ That is, additional orders are opened, taking into account the behavior and movement of all currency pairs in the bundle.
+ The plus takes into account not just the step from the last open position, but all the condition under which the correlation pairs must continue to diverge.
+ Plus the step is calculated taking into account the movement also from each pair in a ligament.

Yes EA will be works with US brokers. Any from my EA's will perfect works with FIFO and ESMA rules and with prop firms. Any of my EA is professional and fully customizable for any needs, moreover, the settings allow you to use the EA even with a 1: 1 leverage

The EA does not open both <BUY> and <SELL> trades on the same symbol at once. Trade is carried out not on one pair, but on different. Therefore, you can not worry, I have a lot of clients who work with US brokers.

Yes. In addition to hedging within each ligament, which includes 3 different correlated pairs, hedging is also carried out throughout the account, throughout the overall trade, by using different sets with a different set of currency pairs.

You misunderstood me)), in the advisor, hedging is not carried out within the framework of one currency pair. For example, Triple-Hedging EA or Carousel EA hedges trading at the level of different currency pairs, which allows you to use it with absolutely any broker, even if the broker uses ESMA and FIFO rules and any US brokers and any prop firms.

Yes, everything is fine with this, the adviser manages only personal orders and does not interfere with transactions opened by other advisers, or which are opened manually.

The logic of Triple_Hedging_DC EA is based on the interaction (correlation) of 3 different instruments at the same time. Triple_Hedging_DC EA uses an algorithm of full interaction of all three pairs, even to open an order for one of them. What is most interesting is that Triple_Hedging_DC is not limited to a single triangle. I took 5 directly correlated currency pairs:

and based on them created 10 triangles:

and all 10 triangles simultaneously participate in trading on one account, which diversifies trading as much as possible, not allowing you to go into a deep drawdown.
Moreover, 8 different strategies are presented, from which a trader can choose the best one for his needs.

The logic of Triple_Hedging_DC EA is based on the interaction (correlation) of 3 different currency pairs at the same time. Triple_Hedging_DC EA uses an algorithm of full interaction of all three pairs, even to open an order for one of them. That is, the filter is not just some parameters for an individual taken currency pair (Symbol), but the movement of all three correlation currency pairs is fully calculated and a deal will be opened only when the conditions for all three are matched. The system recognizes both full synchronization for all 3 Symbols with a slight deviation of one, and full out of sync of one Symbol relative to the other two. The system has a unique algorithm that allows you to track the movement of 3 currency pairs simultaneously. In fact, it does not matter to the system how the currency pair behaves (in which direction it moves) along which there will be an entry into the market, here a lot of all sorts of factors are taken into account, right in real time, for all three currency pairs at once. And this excludes the factor of adjusting the parameters (re-optimization) of the system to the historical data, as well as false fluctuations in one Symbol. This allows for very stable strategies with fully controlled risk.

Also in Triple_Hedging_DC EA, hedging is not carried out within the framework of one currency pair, EA hedges trading at the level of different currency pairs.

At me on it only one answer - you will not receive money from startegy tester 🙂

You wondered why there are so many EA's that show millions of dollars when testing in the tester, and with low risk and without drawdowns, but can not do anything like this (repeat) in real trading? I am sure that almost everyone has come across such "grail's".

Therefore, the best tests are the results (history) of real trading! And it should be the results not from the demo account, not from the micro account, and similar types of accounts - these should be the results from a trusted broker, preferably from ECN accounts, which means that all client orders are displayed directly to the liquidity provider without interference from a broker.. Types of all my real accounts are ECN. Such confirmations of the system’s operation are much more convincing than any tests and they can already be trusted, since this means that the system has passed tests under real market conditions, with all broker conditions, including also spreads, requotes, delays, extensions, gaps, news items, force major situations and much, much more.